Locomotion Battery Railbus

Very quickly after acquiring the Metrovic i was lucky enough to obtain this very fine example of a Battery Railbus.
This needed a liitle bit of work to get going, the receiver was not working and part of the metal strip which
powers the internal lights had broken. Both easy fixes, i had a box of old 27Mhz receivers lying around and a
small bit of bent brass strip strategically soldered fixed the lights. The Railbus has directional lighting. Whichever
end is moving forward has both lights illuminated yellow, one light on the trailing end red. This switches round
when you change direction. Both the Railbus and the Metrovic have now had 2.4GHz receiver upgrades.

First video here.

Just like to add a note of thanks to Pete Williams, the very nice gentleman who sold me the Metrovic & the Railbus
and who did a great job of packing them up securely for posting.

One of my first locos to have a home etched nameplate.

Here it is with the Metrovic.

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