RGB Steam Tram No.29 Elias

RGB are well known in the electric garden railway world, a German company with a reputation for a quality product.
Their locomotives and rolling stock are of plastic construction, track powered and are 45mm gauge. I decided the
shuttle service needed another loco to backup the Tralee & Dingle inspection car and thought a tram would be nice.
Whilst deciding what form this should take a body for an LGB tram surfaced on ebay, so here it is. Purely by chance
i came across this YouTube video of a very similar real steam tram in action. First test run video of Elias here.

This is what the complete tram looks like as it comes from LGB.

The basic chassis is now complete, stripwood & 3mm plywood was used. A nice 20:1 gearbox from Roxy Mouldings
and a small MFA electric motor for motive power.

The electronics are now in and working, plus some more detailing. The bell, chimney and working lamps.
The lamps are not quite finished and there is still the condensers and some pipe work to fit to the roof.

A little bit more detailing, the lamps now have lenses and some pipework & the condensers have been added.

Finally managed to get the dummy boiler done, so here is the finished article

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