Friog Battery Diesel Locomotive - Councillor

This is No.20 Councillor a Friog Models battery locomotive and The Milford Hill Light Railway's first diesel!
Not knowing anything about these little locos i got in touch with Roger Hine of Friog Railway Services
and he kindly supplied the following information.

"The loco is basically a Budget Battery Engine (BBE) but a one off special as far as the bodywork is concerned. It has a
non standard bonnet and a cab shaped to almost match Hunslet Holy War! You therefore have a truly unique loco.
The radiator was from the old Motor Mules I used to make for Tom Cooper as are the sides, both cut down to suit.
I cannot be sure of its age, something like 15 years I would imagine would be a good estimate." Video here.

Councillor out for a run with a rake of Bug Boxes, May 2013. Video here.

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