Kerr Stuart Diesel

This project was a result of an article i read on how a chap was salvaging stepper motors from scrap printers
and scanners to use in models. I happen to have access to scrap printers and scanners so i thought i would try
and make a loco using one. The chassis below was a very reasonable second-hand buy from ebay. The nylon
gear fitted to the front axle is part of the stepper motor gearbox.

Video of the chassis stepper motor test run here.    MK2 Controller video here.    First track test video here.

First run of the finished loco, here.    Now with sound, video here.    Hauling L&SR Coaches , video here.

Here is the chassis with the stepper motor mounted. I'm using most of the gearbox that was part of the motor
assembly when it was in the scanner. Although the motor is very small it is very powerful and produces a
considerable amount of torque.

I'd been wondering what i was going to do for a body and quite fancied a Kerr Stuart type diesel.
Whilst looking for images of these types online i came across a very nice laser cut body kit. Turns
out it was produced by Phil Sharples, maker of the very fine wagon kits you may have seen elsewere
on this site. An email was promptly dispatched and it turned out he had one partially assembled kit left.
Phil kindly supplied all the parts i need to finish the body but that will wait until later once i've got
the thing working!

Here the body is mounted to the chassis but without the motor assembly. Still need to modify the body to be able to fit that.

A few shots before the paint is applied.

The Milford Hill Light Railway workshops move into the 21st Century with their first 3D Printed parts!! These are
the window slats for the cab, these shots were taken straight out of the printer. A little bit of cleaning up with a
nail file and they should do fine.

A couple of shots of them in place on the loco. Still need some tidying and of course paint.

Pretty much complete. Just needs s couple of small covers to hide the switch bodies and some works plates from Narrow Planet.
If it ever stops raining i might even get to run it!

A few shots taken out on the line. Covers have been added to hide the switch bodies.
As a tribute to Bob Reynolds Longfield & Sissinghurst Railway i have named the loco 'Thor' after his Kerr Stuart.

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