Clockwork Railcar

This is a project which has been on the shelf for a while, a scratch built Clockwork Railcar. Sometime back
i acquired a Meccano Clockwork Motor from ebay with a view to using it in a 16mm scale locomotive. As i
have a soft spot for Railcars that's what i decided to build. Just the basic chassis at the moment but it's
had it's first successful test run. Video here.

A little bit more work over the Christmas holiday. Some additions to the chassis and the body is starting to take shape.

Control rods are now in place and the body now has a roof & engine compartment.

The finished Railcar, a couple of the 'Dodgy Dudes' give it the once over.

I have added some very expensive tint to the windows, small bits of plastic cut from an anti-static bag!.

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