The Milford Hill Light Railway - Indoor Version

Welcome to The Milford Hill Light Railway! As my interest in steam engines has increased i decided that i would
like to have a garden railway. One small problem, i don't have a garden. So The Milford Hill Light Railway has
come into being in the loft! There are two main lines one uses O Gauge Mamod track the other O Gauge Hornby
Clockwork track. The Mamod track is ok for my MSS locos, my Mamod locos, most of the clockwork locos and of
course Purdy. However the Marx 898 will not run on it and requires the deeper track of the Hornby Clockwork rails.
Also the Bowman 234 will not run on the Mamod track. Exciting new video of the Ragleth hauling a large rake on
the picturesque Milford Hill Light Railway here. A complation video of Purdy hauling freight here and here.

The Milford Hill Light Railway Committee has been hard at work extending the line. It now runs the full 16 feet of
the loft length and is just over 8 feet at it's widest. More track work, now there are 2 proper sidings for Purdy
& the Vincent. The pictures below show the MHLR as she is today, April 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: As of the end of July 2012 The Milford Hill Light Railway has been relocated outside and can be viewed here.

FINAL NOTE: The Mamod track has been lifted and is being sold to finance further work on the outside version of the railway. Date, January 2013.

The long straight!

Purdy & the Vincent in their sidings.

The Milford Hill Light Railway's current 16mm Rolling Stock!

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