Buildings & Lineside

With the track & bed in place the next thing the railway needs is buildings & lineside stuff!
Although there are some wonderful ready made buildings to be bought and at wonderful prices,
i decided to have a go at scratch building some. So here is a first look at Milford Hill Station.
Not finished yet by a long way but i wanted to see if basically it looked ok, just temporarily
bolted together for the photo shoot!. Still to come are barge boards, front overhang facia,
ridge tiles, glazing, corner panelling and details such as fire buckets etc.

The two buildings are stand-alone so can be arranged in a varity of ways.

The Platform & Street Lights are now in place as is the Coaling Station. For these shots the station & outhouse
are just placed as the station is not quite finished yet.

The water tower!

Finally the station is now screwed down in place. Not sure about the tunnel mouth, seemed like a good idea at the time!

A few small additions today. The station now has a sign! Also a bench and a couple of barrels have appeared outside the covenience.

A few night shots showing the lighting.

The main station building, now sporting some posters.

Introducing the line's second stop, Fowler's Halt!

I was never really happy with the water tower so here is the MK2 version.

A couple of shots showing the trees!.

We now have a tree topped grass bank. Which the committee have decided to call Launceston Bank
in honour of my favourite narrow gauge railway.

A few more trees.

A stack of what will hopefully be rusting track!

Launceston Bank gets some new wrought iron railings!.

Went outside to check the track and these two rather dodgy individuals have appeared on the station!

Fowler's Halt gets a make over. A much needed new roof plus some trees. The two Dodgy Dudes give it the once over!

The station receives a few new features! The Dudes give the Post Box the once over.

With the re-routing of the main line Fowler's Halt truely becomes a Halt! The platform has gained some pallets and freight.

Winter comes to The Milford Hill Light Railway. January 18th 2013

My first attempt at a kit building. This is a Modeltown Low Relief Slate Terrace House.
Made from heavy thick cast resin it produces a very strong structure. Space is at a
premium on TMHLR especially on the part of the line opposite the station so i've
had to go for low relief buildings. The plan is to have 3 of these plus a pub!

The Milford Hill Light Railway Committee has finally had their licence approved
so hopefully in the not too distant future the line will boast a public house.
Welcome to the Engineers Arms!!

First look at the new buildings in situ by the line. Just temporary at the moment to see what they look like.

Waiting for opening time! ☺

Finally, the buildings are finished, so this is Priory Lane. Where it ends rather abruptly by the pub, that will eventually
slope down to a path which will run to the grass bank.

A long shot showing Priory Lane in relation to Launceston Bank.

Extra slate wall sections have been added and the street lights fitted. February 17th 2013.

A soon as the word gets about that's there's a pub all sorts of people turn up!

Early Saturday evening March 9th 2013.

Some shots looking from Launceston Bank up the line and then from Fowlers Halt looking back down. March 29th 2013.

Some shots looking up & down the line from Milford Hill Station and a few looking down towards Launceston Bank. April 15th 2013.

The back run of track from Milford Hill Station to Launceston Bank now has a post & rail fence. April 26th 2013.

The Milford Hill Light Railway now has a Signal Box!
This is a Model Town High Level Slate Signal Box kit.
I've modified it slightly by adding a wooden floor,
wood panelling for the walls and interior lighting. May 17th 2013.

Here it is out on the line. May 17th 2013.

Late evening with the light on. May 17th 2013.

A couple of the trees didn't make it through the heatwave so a few more have been procured. September 5th 2013.

A couple of new additions to the line. An early Ford pickup has been parked next to the signal box and a very
nice 1909 V-Twin Harley Davidson has turned up on the station.

Looks like the brewery van has arrived with more beer!.

Pretty much the first weekend of decent weather in 2014 so here's a few pics of the line. I think it survived the
monsoons of the last couple of months fairly well. These were taken around midday at the end of March 2014.

With the line extension in place the shuttle service from Milford Hill Station to the Engineers Arms required a small
platform for waiting passengers. So here it is! The Tralee & Dingle Inspection car will be the initial loco used, with
a small open carriage. That will later be joined by No.29 Elias, a steam tram.

Looks like i've got the 'line extension' bug! Having completed the first part i've now added another set of points and run the tramway round to Priory Lane.

Both new platforms are now in place so here's some photos from the line.

With advent of the new Priory Lane platform traffic at Fowler's Halt had dwindled away to nothing so the committee decided it had to go.
In it's place is a now Fowler's Mill, a working watermill. Video here.

A new delivery truck has turned up at the watermill, a very nice 1953 Chevy Pick up.

Looks Like the railway has a new resident, nice bike & trailer, no sign of the owner so far.

A few photos of the line taken on 31 October 2014. The outside air temperature was 20°C!

August 2015, summer comes to The Milford Hill Light Railway.

Priory Lane & Milford Halt platforms having been looking the worst for wear recently so i decided to replace them with
some cast resin ones from ModelTown. May 2016.

Apart from his great range of wagon kits Phil Sharples also produces some very nice lineside items.

First up is a small hand cart.

Then the luggage cart.

Just recently, a small wheel barrow.

I couldn't resist this little lineside barrel set.

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