Locos on the Line!

This page will be updated on a regular basis and will feature pictures of various locos and rolling stock
in action on the railway.

A shot of Purdy on the bridge.

Purdy & The Vincent and a rare break in the weather!.

Purdy with a short passenger rake and the ill fated tender which was eventually converted to a coaling station. Date, 22 July 2012.

A couple of shots of Purdy working on the line.

Purdy with the full passenger rake and the radio gear now in the first carriage.

The Vincent working hard with a heavy log freight load.

Councillor out collecting stray coaches.

All 3 main steam locos plus drivers & the diesel hiding in the siding. Date 15 September 2012.

The Railbus in action.

Ivanhoe, out on the line showing off it's new nameplates.

Russel with a rake of WHR No.6 Passenger Coaches, on a very warm & sunny September day.

Russell working hard with the full log wagon rake.

Lady Anne out for her first run.

Purdy, Russell, Lady Anne and The Vincent on a mostly dry day in early January 2013..

Purdy with the new Four Compartment Coaches on a very cold January Sunday!.

Ivanhoe out for a run on a surprisingly warm Tuesday in early March. 05 March 2013

Russell, on a very cold Friday afternoon, March 2013..

Russell, Lady Anne and the Vincent, April 2013..

Purdy out early in the morning while a few of the more punctual staff look on! Late May 2013.

A very warm and muggy evening, late July 2013 and the last train of the day.

First dry Sunday in January 2014, The Dylan out with some short coaches.

Haven't added any pictures here for a while, so here is a steamy Mayflower. May 2015.

Mayflower again. August 2015.

Bowman 234 and tender, May 2016.

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