Scratch Built Tralee & Dingle Inspection Car

For my next project i decided on a Railcar. Railcars are exactly what they say they are, a vehicle designed to run on
rails based on a car. This one will be, i hope, a fair representation of the Inspection Car that used to run on the
Tralee & Dingle Light Railway. It was built on a Baguley chassis with Ford Model T motor in 1922 and scrapped in
1961. IP Engineering do a rather nice kit of this Railcar but i decided to scratch build mine although it's based on
their chassis & motor. I've included the only picture of the real thing i could find and a picture of IP Engineering's
kit so you have an idea of what it's supposed to look like. A video of it's first run is available here.

The Inspection Car has recently had some modifications. I removed the radio control and fitted a manual speed
controller coupled to a reversing circuit. The direction change is achived by using a couple of small reed switches
activated by magnets on the track. There is a video here.

So far i've just made the chassis.

Here's the main body , a bit rough at the moment before painting and of course so far no roof.

Here we are just after painting the roof with my first attempt at the enging cover. Not quite right just yet.

Second attempt at the enging cover. This is more like it. I've added the radiator cap and holes for the headlamp support
and of course the all important starting handle!

Now with painted engine cover & steps. Just needs the headlamps and door fittings.

This is it, headlamps, fittings and the all important engine cover louvres.

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