Garden Railway Related Links


One of the 2 main companies suppling live steam locomotives in the UK.

Anything Narrow Gauge

I have purchased several locos from Simon at Anything Narrow Gauge and i have to say that his service is second to none.

Association of 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers

A whole wealth of information here, well worth joining and the quarterly magazine is excellent.

Binnie Engineering

Peter Binnie can supply some excellent kits, wheels & axle boxes for an extremely reasonable price.

Chuffed 2 Bits

Another true gentleman of the model railway world, Mike Darby who runs the Chuffed 2 Bits website.
My Lumberjack came from Mike, excellent service.

DLK Garden Railway Buildings

David at DLK supplies superb resin cast buildings and linside accessories. All of the slate walls around my line came from DLK.

Garden Railway Club

The Garden Railway Club is a website jointly developed by a group of like-minded garden railway enthusiasts.

Garden Railway Forum

The Garden Railway Forum is a great place for inspiration and the exchange of ideas.

Garden Railway Specialists

GRS are a very useful supplier of parts and also often have some interesting second-hand items.

Houstoun Gate Locomotive Works

David at HGLW produces an excellent range of laser cut MDF kits. I have built a couple of his summer coaches and
my diesel shunter is based on his battery chassis.

I P Engineering

Great source of lasercut plywood rolling stock kits. Most of my coaches and the metal fittings for my scratch built freight
came from these guys.

Locomotive of the Month

Sidestreet Bannerworks website is a great source of info on some quite rare and interesting locomotives .

Model Earth

A superb range of brass cast accessories in 1/12 and 7/8ths scale from Si Harris .


Modeltown produce a great range of cast resin building kits at a very reasonable price. The buildings in Priory Lane on my railway
are all Modeltown kits as is my signal box.


The other main company in the UK which sells live steam locomotives.

The SE Lounge

A forum for discussing anything related to 7/8ths scale modelling. A great group of people, very informative and helpful.

Summerlands Chuffer

Chris Bird owner/operator of the Summerlands Light Railway produces these excellent 'Chuff Pipes' for a variety of locos.
He also produces some of the best videos of live steam locomotives i've ever seen, check out his YouTube Channel.

Swift Sixteen

Rob Bushill at Swift Sixteen produces a range of resin kits plus all sorts of other goodies for your 16mm locos.
My Ragleth, Purdy, sports a Swift Sixteen Safety Valve cover and one of their new Well Wagon kits will shortly
be added to my freight rolling stock.

Track Shack

I get my Peco track and Accucraft steam oil from John at Track Shack, excellent service.

Treddol Designs

If you can afford them and don't mind the wait then these are simply some of the best lineside buildings out there!

UK Steam Info

If you want to know if a steam loco is coming to your local station then this is the site.

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