Hi. You've found your way, more by luck than judgement probably, to my website alspcs.no-ip.org. It is basically a collection of links and some applications that i use on a daily basis.


They're big, round and shinny, you've just got to love them. Cool Laserdisc links here and my Laserdisc shop here.


I regularly list all sorts of computer related items plus mobile phones on ebay. See what i'm selling here.

Luna City

Quite possibly the most incredible video arcade on the planet and now, sadly, no more. Peter Hirschberg's Luna City, you can find a video of it here. Checkout his website here .

Steam Engines

There's just something very cool about steam engines! Check out my little collection of steam engines, trains and clockwork trains here.

The Milford Hill Light Railway

My own model narrow gauge steam railway which you can visit here.

Retro Steam Tech

My YouTube Channel, covering Retro Arcade Games, Model Steam Engines & Locomotives and Computer Tech. Link here.